Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming Soon!

With all the success of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III,  samsung are starting to make plans for next year. Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S5 will be a challenger to many new devices like the iPhone 6 and more. We have listed a number of features that have most likely be introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be launched soon.

For the new Samsung Galaxy S5 , Samsung will develop  a 64-bit processor chips. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be the first device that uses high-power processing chip that promises smart phone users more quickly and seamlessly. In addition, Samsung is also expected to use 3GB of RAM just like the Galaxy Note was launched on 3. Currently, Apple iPhone 5s is a device that uses its 64-bit processing chip.

Samsung has introduced the optical image stabilization on the Galaxy Note 3 which we expect will be used also on the Galaxy S5. In addition, we expect a 16MP camera capable of shooting 4K video, slow motion video both the overall and features a better camera. read the full report on Samsung Develops 16MP Camera To Galaxy S5 OIS

Samsung is expected to waive the use of polycarbonate in the Galaxy S5 and uses a design based on aluminum-magnesium. Samsung plans to give pebaharuan on all Galaxy devices by providing a more premium design and luxury like HTC and Sony. In addition, Samsung also able to provide a device that is waterproof and dust in the Galaxy S5 S4 model as Active and Galaxy X Cover 2. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be the thinnest smartphone and faster for the year 2014

Earlier this year, it was reported that Samsung has spent nearly $ 110 million to buy technology from Sharp IGZO display screen. With the purchase of this technology of the future, we expect Samsung will introduce a thin high-definition panel at Galaxy S5.

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