Maxis iPhone5 iValue plan

Maxis only offers 12 month contract for the iValue Simple plan. As the new plan is now the entry-level plan bundled with the iPhone 5, you get to enjoy unattractive subsidies of between RM 100 to RM 120 on iPhone 5 models.
iPhone 5 16GB is cheaper by RM 120 at RM 2,079 apiece, meanwhile iPhone 5 32GB and 64GB cost RM 110 and RM 100 less at RM 2,389 and RM 2,699 respectively. For older iPhones, in case you are interested, cost RM 1,769 for iPhone 4S 16GB and RM 1,239 for iPhone 4 8GB.
You need to pay an advance payment of RM 100 to secure your iPhone. To better compare all the five available plans, simply go to iPhone 5 official page at Maxis portal.

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