Best Android, iOS apps- January 2013

(Developed by Lucky Frame)
price: $1.99

Wave Trip defies easy categorization: A unique, deeply imaginative hybrid combining the mechanics of mobile gaming with the creative possibilities of music-making applications, its otherness is essential to its makeup. You've never played anything like it.

Wave Trip follows a geometric astronaut as she charts her course through a series of alien landscapes. Each of the different coins she collects represents one element of an electronic musical composition--a throbbing bass line, perhaps, or a synthesizer squiggle. As the individual components come together, a full-fledged song begins to take shape; each level may be remixed and edited, and gamers also may create their own levels to share with other players.

Wave Trip is the rare game that emphasizes the journey over the destination. Your astronaut can't "die" in any conventional sense, all levels are unlocked from the outset, and while collecting more coins yields richer, more complex songs, there's no penalty for missing coins--in fact, some players may prefer the more austere compositions that result from fewer instruments and effects. It's heady stuff, to be sure, but it's also a colorful, proudly retro side-scrolling game that's so simple and intuitive that even a small child can play. Whatever Wave Trip is, it's undeniably brilliant, and that's all that matters.

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