Good News for Samsung fans! The brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 has now arrived and it’s packed with more amazing features than ever before. Coming in an updated designed and loaded with new technology, the Samsung Galaxy S5 lives up to its hype and delivers consistent and incredible service as well as entertainment. Go ahead and get yourself one today and experience the Galaxy S5.  

The new Galaxy S5 boasts a newly updated design to the previous models. Still keeping to its Galaxy S4 roots, the main body and look of the smartphone retains its slim and sleek look. However this time it comes with detailed metallic finish on the back and it comes with 4 different stylish colours. 

The Galaxy S5 offers the most excellent viewing experience a smartphone can offer. Its FHD Super AMOLED display is brighter with more clarity, delivering a deeper and more vivid screen view. Galaxy S5’s advanced Local Contrast Enhancement enables it to adapt and change according to the variation in light conditions. Under the sun or too much light, Galaxy S5 gives you an optimized display for you to see clearly and easily. On the other hand, when there is a lack of light, Galaxy S5 allows you to dim your display light so that your eyes feel more comfortable in the dark.

What is more interesting on New Samsung Galaxy S5 is, a brand new fingerprint scanner which has been upgraded into S5 and you can now unlock your phone and make payments via PayPal with just a swipe of your finger. This feature makes the Galaxy S5 feel more personal to you and you decide what you want to do with your Galaxy S5.
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