Tips on How to Buy a Smartphone ?

Now there are different types of smartphones in the market with different brands and prices. If you want to buy either a new or secondhand make sure to follow these guidelines;
1. Physical condition.

The first thing you might need to pay attention to when buying a used smart phone is their physical condition. Be sure to check the sides of the frame for any defects, and of course is a scratch on the screen and the rear frame. If it has some cap space (like the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z1, etc.), make sure it is still in good condition and not nearly severed.

2. Check Damage Due to Water

If the physical condition of the device in good condition, then the next thing that you need to take, to know is whether your device has suffered damage due to water or others.

To check this, there are several rooms that can be observed. If you are using a device with a custom frame can not be removed, you can check on the micro-USB and also space-SIM card. Often there is a white sticker. If the device has suffered damage due to water, then it may change to other colors such as red for example.
For devices with removable frame, you also can check the battery, which is usually a white sticker is also available in the area. Sometimes devices that have experienced damage due to water will work as normal but will likely take damage in the long-term, possibly due to corrosion and so on. So, this is one of the things that need to be taken care when you want to buy a second hand device.
3. Check All Port
Smartphones often present with several major port, the micro-USB for charging and also space for audio. You may need to bring your-ear headphones and jugapowerbankketika want to see, and check the charging and audio support on-ear headphones are connected.
In addition, you should also check the room micro-SD and micro-SIM. Make sure it works.
4. Check phone call
Once-SIM card inserted, perhaps you can make an attempt, and review support calls, as well as audio when making calls. The same things can be done for SMS and also internet and WiFi.
5. Check phone sensor
To check out some other sensors on the device, it was quite difficult to do it one by one. Usually, to do such things, there is a review function sensors attached to the device but hidden.

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