iPhone 6 Malaysia Released date!

It is going be 9 September 2014 where Apple has announced the launching date for it New Apple iPhone 6 With the caption "Wish We Could Say More" . For me, I'm  waiting for it for a long time. However, many are expecting the event to reveal the Apple iPhone 6 or at least the version with the 4.7-inch display.

Before the launching date, now we can see many Apple iPhone 6 clones have appeared, many of which have been confirmed to be how the original will look like. Other devices may also make an appearance such as the Apple iWatch and possibly some premium Audio devices from Apple's recent purchase of Beats Audio. 

The New iPhone 6 is going to be operating by iOS 8 and this phone might be available 2-3 week after the launched. However the price for iPhone 6 going to be revealed  by Apple on the launching day. RM2,600 - RM 3,600 might be the suitable price for this phone.

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